Hitting The Jackpot!!

Cha-Ching!! Cha-Ching!! And the winner of this weeks Mega Millions is….. ME!!!  Can’t you just imagine?  How many of us have daydreamed about winning big??  For years, people have played the number putting all their hopes and dreams into that weeks jackpot! I have had several conversations with people joking about what I would do with my winnings.  So here it goes:

Step 1 – Don’t tell a soul.  Contact the lottery company to get access to my funds. 🙂

Step 2 – Check into a secret hotel with a fake name to think!  What to do with all the $$? 

Step 3 –  Take a vacation in this order – Paris, Italy, Greece, Africa, India..

Step 4 – The free spirit in me would have to spend frivulously while on these vacations.

Step 5- Lounge beach side on these vacations & come up with a master plan on what to REALLY do with the winnings.. 🙂

In all honesty.  I believe that the real jackpot of life is to be able to do something that you love while sharing the best part of yourself with the world.  With my winnings I would:

1. Start a program for young girls about self-awareness, healthy living, and life lessons.

2. Donate to my beloved Alma Mater – North Carolina A&T State University..AGGIE PRIDE!! A collegaue there won the Distinguished Service Award in FACS in 2010.  Check them out www.ncat.edu

3.  Start a program for young men who aspire to become teachers.  Set them on the path to pay it forward..

4.  Give to my parents for all that they have given me.  They deserve to frolic in splendor during their retirement years and not worry about anything but watching the grandkids while I’m on vacation 🙂


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1 Response to Hitting The Jackpot!!

  1. V coan says:

    HAHA! JB that first part is absolutly amazing! Check into a secret hotel with a fake name? So great!

    The second part I agree with so much! You are such a bright, giving, and intelligent person and always stay that way! Many people take for granted the doing what they love and only worry about materialistic things. I hope you are able to get your jackpot JB 🙂

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