A Memorable Teacher

A memorable teacher from my student years is none other than Mrs. Angela Coleman.  Mrs. Coleman was my teacher and mentor when I was a member of a girls club called Sisterhood Agenda.  Mrs. Coleman is a Princeton Alumni and founded Sisterhood Agenda to empower young girls and women t make a difference in their life and the lives of people around them.  My mom suggested that I join this club in high school to get some community service experience and to meet different types of people.  Two Saturday’s a month, a group of us would have classes about personal development, health and hygiene, etiquette and manners, community service and self respect.  During my adolescent years, I really needed this type of positive reinforcement to set me on the right path.   At the end of the program, I was given a poem by Mrs. Coleman entitled, ” Movers and Shakers in a World that Will Break Ya”.  This poem talked about all the things that we deal with in life and how we can make the decision to handle them in a way that embraces who we are and empowers us as individuals and as women.  I have had this poem since I was a senior in high school.  It stays in my journal and I read it often.  I am sooo appreciative to have had this experience as a young girl.  Mrs. Coleman was a great teacher.  I think she may be the reason I was inspired to teach, especially young women.    The great thing about this woman is that almost 15 years later, she is still running this program.  Except now, she has moved her organization from little ole’ Durham, NC to the beautful island of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands… Hmmm…   I wonder if she could use some help down there? 😉


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  1. sstevens says:

    Thanks for the poem I love it . Wow powerful for the female today.

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